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There is no sense in driving electric, if cars are charged using non-renewable energy. We match the increase in electricity demand from charging with renewable on-site or off-site generation. Our power management systems ensure no overloading and system reliability. Turnkey solutions for property owners, include design, permitting, financing, procurement, installation and operation.

Custom turnkey power solutions

Key features

  • Various technologies such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline available and selected to match local requirements
  • Long life panels - with power generation guarantees covering the length of lease
  • High efficiency inverters to ensure maximum output from the panels
  • Power management for system reliability
  • Solid long lasting installation


  • Complete turn key solutions including design, installation, subsidy application, connections and commissioning
  • Modular system with possibility to add in the future
  • Reporting of energy production statistics
  • Maintenance
  • Buy-out or removal at end of contract

With mass adoption of electric vehicles, there will be a significant increase in electricity demand. We believe decentralized production using photovoltaics cells is quickly becoming an economically viable solution. We will provide an estimate of annual production and associated costs, so you can see the financial advantage of installing the system. There is additional benefit of securing points under the BREEAM assessment, adding to the sustainability credentials of the property.

Our approach


As technology is rapidly improving, we believe there is need for a partner who can scout the market and ensure customers have access to the latest offerings. This is what we do. We are solution focused and product neutral.


For a seamless service experience, we believe the various elements in the clean mobility value chain need to be integrated under one umbrella. Thanks to our integration partners, we have that critical capability.


We believe the clean mobility transition will create enormous demand on charging and electrical infrastructure. Our solutions therefore keep growth optionality a fundamental choice in design and deployment.

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