Collectric Clean Mobility

Accelerate your property's sustanability performance

Three services - one purpose - clean mobility

Collectric charging


Our goal is to provide charging services that make electric driving stress free. We focus on ensuring sufficient power supply for good charging speeds. Our user application offers pan European roaming service with access to over 40,000 charging stations. A daily commute or driving long distance, users can breathe easy. All this in turnkey solutions for property owners.
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Collectric power


There is no sense in driving electric, if cars are charged using non-renewable energy. We match the increase in electricity demand from charging with renewable on-site or off-site generation. Our power management systems ensure no overloading and system reliability. Turnkey solutions for property owners, include design, permitting, financing, procurement, installation and operation.
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Collectric sharing


Sharing is sustainable consumption. We provide electric car sharing schemes that address tenants mobility needs in a professional manner without the costs and hassles associated with car ownership. Property owners benefit from reduced parking requirements and reduced investments in charging and energy infrastructure upgrades.
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Custom made and turnkey

Each property is unique and has its own user behaviors. Combining charging, on site generation and car sharing we can address the clean mobility needs in the most efficient way possible. We provide custom made turnkey solutions covering design, permitting, financing, procurement, installation and operation. We own all the equipment, removing the need for any upfront capital. We remotely operate needing minimum ongoing involvement from property owners or their facility managers.

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Today businesses and consumers are becoming progressively more environmentally conscious driving the push towards clean mobility and clean energy.

If you are an owner of commercial real estate or a facility manager, it is likely you are facing an increased demand from tenants to supply charging stations. If you are a location where there is already a concentration of electric vehicles, you will be all too familiar with the impact charging has on your electricity supply. As electric vehicles grow in number, the supply capacity is quickly maxed out resulting in insufficient power for charging.

Our solutions take a comprehensive view ensuring a solid reliable service.

Our approach


As technology is rapidly improving, we believe there is need for a partner who can scout the market and ensure customers have access to the latest offerings. This is what we do. We are solution focused and product neutral.


For a seamless service experience, we believe the various elements in the clean mobility value chain need to be integrated under one umbrella. Thanks to our integration partners, we have that critical capability.


We believe the clean mobility transition will create enormous demand on charging and electrical infrastructure. Our solutions therefore keep growth optionality a fundamental choice in design and deployment.

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