Collectric Sharing

Ultimate optimization - ultimate sustainability

Sharing is sustainable consumption. We provide electric car sharing schemes that address tenants mobility needs in a professional manner without the costs and hassles associated with car ownership. Property owners benefit from reduced parking requirements and reduced investments in charging and energy infrastructure upgrades.

Three categories of offerings for distinct mobility needs

Key features

  • Premium cars, including chargers and photovoltaics for charging - carbon neutral mobility
  • Cars with up to 400 km+ range
  • Comfortable and quiet cabin and excellent drive experience
  • Subtle branding and ideal for a B2B setting


  • 24-hour assistance in event of breakdowns, accidents or damage
  • Collectric user app for booking
  • Billing customizable (company or individuals, session or monthly)
  • Fully serviced with cleaning and maintenance
  • Claims management

The scheme provides the convenience of a personal car at a fraction of the costs. Shared usage limits parking and charging demand whilst reducing mobility costs for tenants. Car sharing provides the ultimate clean mobility solution. Tenants are issued with free subscriptions and can reserve the vehicle using an app.

Our approach


As technology is rapidly improving, we believe there is need for a partner who can scout the market and ensure customers have access to the latest offerings. This is what we do. We are solution focused and product neutral.


For a seamless service experience, we believe the various elements in the clean mobility value chain need to be integrated under one umbrella. Thanks to our integration partners, we have that critical capability.


We believe the clean mobility transition will create enormous demand on charging and electrical infrastructure. Our solutions therefore keep growth optionality a fundamental choice in design and deployment.

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