infrastructure is
our business

infrastructure is our business

infrastructure is our business infrastructure is our business

our philosophy


we believe that all elements needed to deliver charging services should be integrated under one umbrella to deliver a hassle-free service

stakeholder solution

we believe that a fair deal for all stakeholders is required to enable the roll out of charging infrastructure in the built environment


we believe that long term thinking will be required to keep charging affordable for all


we believe that a structural approach is required to satisfy the rapidly evolving demand

in cooperation with bam

Collectric has joined forces with BAM Infra to offer charging services at office and apartment buildings. BAM Infra is one of the leading providers of technical services in the Netherlands. BAM Infra’s deep technical know-how and skilled manpower will enable Collectric to respond swiftly and reliably to customer demand throughout the Netherlands.

Bam Vastgoed
bam installs

BAM installs our infrastructure in full compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards

bam maintains

BAM maintains our infrastructure in compliance with NEN 3140 to ensure standard insurance requirements are met

bam expands

BAM expands our infrastructure basis a jointly agreed deployment plan to quickly respond to changes in demand

about the team

We are an infrastructure company based in The Hague. Our team has a wealth of experience in infrastructure development and operations. Industries previously served include midstream and downstream energy. We know a thing or two about capital projects and solid project execution.

The shift to electric mobility will require significant investment in charging infrastructure. Think of the magnitude of infrastructure currently in place to serve fuel cars to get a picture of what’s ahead of us. To date initial demand has been accommodated making ad-hoc arrangements and using spare capacity in existing energy systems. This approach is not viable going forward and a structural solution will be required to meet demand for affordable charging services.

We consider reliable availability of charging infrastructure essential for the transition to electric mobility. We value simplicity in business. We set a high standard for ourselves in ensuring customers get a professional service.

our mission

provide infrastructure solutions that accelerate the clean mobility and energy transition

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